Psychoeducation for managers and teams about ADHD and other associated difficulties-based on Neuroscience

Everything you need to know to support neurodivergent team members of your organization with the help of Neuroscience.
In just a day:

You will have an understanding of ADHD and the real impact in people’s behavior -based on neuroscience research

You will learn strategies that support people with ADHD in their professional and personal development

Learn tools to coach people with ADHD

Moving beyond the label: what Neurodiverse-friendly working environments should be about

About Dr. Victoria Soell

Victoria Soell
  • Psychologist
  • Master in Research Designs and Applications in Psychology and Health.
  • Doctor in Bio/Socio and Health Sciences
  • Mindfulness Instructor
  • Resilience and Stress Management Coach
  • Specialized in Systemic Pedagogy
  • Certified in Team Building and Training

What will you learn on this course?

  • Module 1: Beyond inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity: what happens in the brain with ADHD?

    -10 fundamental ideas about ADHD
    -The process from Assessment to Treatment decision-making
    -ADHD: What is behind the increasing number of diagnoses?

  • Module 2: How can you support ADHD employees within your organization?

    - Understanding gender differences in ADHD
    - Applying unique tools to help ADHD people to move forward and thrive at their workplace
    - Executive Function and Emotional Regulation deficits: how to coach people with ADHD and unveil their potential.

  • Module 3: Changing your mindset about Neurodiversity

    - Avoid being a toxic manager
    - Do´s and Don’ts of a Neurodiverse-friendly working environment

“Dr. Soell recently conducted an exceptional workshop at the Franconian International School, where her expertise in ADHD left a lasting impression on our educators. Her insights and practical understanding have provided our staff with new perspectives and valuable knowledge. We firmly believe that her guidance and expertise will greatly benefit our educators in effectively supporting neurodivergent students. Dr. Soell’s workshop has truly been a game-changer for our school community.”

Franconian International School

Head of School. Franconian International School.

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