The Dream Team Training

Unlock your team's full potential in just one day with our transformative training program.
Dream Team Training

Who Can Benefit from This Training?

This training provides essential training for dysfunctional teams, it is equally valuable for high-functioning ones. The programme provides a deep understanding of team dynamics and contributes to embedding and reinforcing the team’s strengths. The CoC Dream Team requires an intact team, i.e. a group of people that are working together.
The CoC Dream Team requires an intact team, i.e. a group of people that are working together.
In only 1 day, participants will:

Acquire a better understanding of how interpersonal perceptions impact on team performance

Develop clear, practical action plans for enhancing the way the team functions

Generate clear strategies for changing behaviour

Detailed Program Information

The CoC Dream Team Training program is designed to enhance team performance through understanding interpersonal dynamics, developing practical action plans, and generating strategies for behavior change.
  • Complementary Programme:

    An optional teamwork training workshop entitled the Challenge of Change Dream Team Training® has been developed as a complementary programme that can be provided in parallel with the Challenge of Change Resilience Training.
    The CoC Dream Team helps to unpack unspoken agenda that might compromise effective teamwork, based on a series of exercises coupled with validated psychometric feedback.
    The integrated approach offers an especially powerful training package which provides demonstrable benefits for both individuals and teams.

  • Programme Structure:

    The CoC Dream Team programme has a broad overall structure, but the outcomes vary widely from team to team. The training is based on key exercises aimed at generating both personal and team action plans, focusing on team criteria and collaborative perceptions.
    The Challenge of Change Resilience Training and Dream Team programmes are complementary, and are most effectively and powerfully delivered together as a two-day event: each programme is split into two halves, with Resilience comprising the two mornings and the Dream Team the two afternoons.

  • Psychometrics and Neuroscience:

    The exercises are augmented by two purpose-designed psychometric scales completed before participating that measure individual differences and organisational climate.

About Dr. Victoria Soell

Victoria Soell
  • Psychologist
  • Master in Research Designs and Applications in Psychology and Health.
  • Doctor in Bio/Socio and Health Sciences
  • Mindfulness Instructor
  • Resilience and Stress Management Coach
  • Specialized in Systemic Pedagogy
  • Certified in Team Building and Training

“The conversations with Dr. Victoria Soell helped me a lot to better understand many psychological aspects of team work and to find ways to improve everyday work and make it more efficient. As a result, I was able to significantly reduce my daily levels of stress as a surgeon.”

Klinikum Nurberg
PD Dr. med. Francesco Pollari.

Associated Professor. Heart surgeon. Nürnberg Klinikum.

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